Broncos lead the way in football and hockey

sport reportWestern Michigan University football is really rowing that boat this year to a better season than last year. They won their homecoming game against Ohio in a 42-21 victory. That makes five games won by western this season compared to their one game victory last season.

Starting Quarterback Zach Terrell who is a sophomore at Western had 22 completions out of 28 attempts of throwing the ball. He through 244 yards and had two touchdowns. Corey Davis who is also a sophomore is the wide receiver for the Broncos. He had 9 catches for 212 yards for the game against Ohio.

They will be playing Miami of Ohio next week who are 2 for 7 overall for the season and 2 for 3 in the MAC conference. The game will be played at 230 and televised on ESPN 3. The hockey team also played two games this weekend. They lost their first game again Alaska on Friday and won their game on Saturday against Alaska. The Hockey team plays again at Denver on Nov. 7.


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