Super Smash Bros., hoverboards, and top 5 websites for college

thTech Chat covers about Bill Gates progress on a next generation product, the new features in super smash bros. for the wii u and the worlds first hoverboard. Starting off with a countdown for the top five most helpful websites for students.

At number 5 is which is a free language learning program. No need to pay hundreds of dollars on language learning products because duolingo is the best for learning words and grammar. Users will have the ability to learn and hone their skills in other languages such as French, German and Spanish. Duolingo also offers a point system by beating levels and the ability to connect with your friends to view their progress compared to yourself. It is also a great app for learning on the go. Unfortunately for those of you looking to learn Japanese, Chinese, or Russian you will have to look elsewhere.

Number 4 on our list is which is online learning tool created specifically by its users. For those of you who like a flashcard system memrise is definitely a way to go through it’s program it identifies what you’re having trouble learning and makes sure you don’t move up a level until you have a good grasp of it. Even though it is mainly used for learning any language memrise can still be used for learning other subjects such as history, science or economics. It also has a great mobile app.

Number 3 on the list is which is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to bringing free world-class education to anyone. This website has thousands of helpful videos that cover a variety of subjects Unfortunately unlike the first two there isn’t a great mobile app out for it yet so this is best used on your computer. But if you need help learning any type of math for example definitely use this website.

Number 2 is Reddit is a social networking and news websites where users can make text posts or submit direct links for other users. This site has a variety of different categories to follow called, “subreddits,” for users to follow. For example askscience, learnlanguages or personalfinance. There are also plenty of discussion based threads for users to ask questions about their homework or subject and typically receive quick feedback.

Number 1 is youtube which is the best video-sharing website on the internet. You can search almost anything on there should be multiple videos on it. Users can also upload there own videos too and its also great for entertainment. Some other great websites that didn’t make the top five would be code academy which is a great website for learning how to code. is great for personal budgeting which all college students need to do and lastly wolframalpha for calculating any math problem you have and showing you a step by step process of how to solve it.

The small tech company “arx pax” product called the hendo will be the world’s first real hoverboard. Although this kickstarter campaign has had great support the only catch is that you can only use the hoverboard on specific magnetic surfaces so no flying away from cops just yet. Another downside is that the hoverboard won’t be ready until next year and the average hoverboard will cost about $10,000. The funds gathered from there kickstarter campaign will help build a hover park for their big reveal.

Nintendo revealed a new video online showcasing 50 new features for super smash bros. for the Wii u. This new game will support eight player battles on the Wii u but only on certain stages and only in local multiplayer. Secondly, any nintendo controller can be used in super smash bros. for the wii u including gamecube controllers and even a 3DS. But don’t expect to use your old nintendo 64 controllers. Lastly it seems nintendo may be supporting surprise downloadable content for the future because the legendary pokemon mewtwo will be available next year for gamers who have purchased both the 3ds and wii u version of super smash bros will get mewtwo as free dlc.

Bill gates has been working on on helping improve the lives of millions by donating $100,000 grants to anyone to help develop the next-generation of condoms. The Gates Foundation received over 800 applications for their condom challenge and recently awarded one of its grants to a research team in the university of oregon. According to the research team this next generation condom will be strong, more reliable, half the thickness, one size fits all and help further prevent sexually transmitted diseases.


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