Kalamazoo Zombie Festival: Full of Life but Missed World Record

Just under 4,000 folks dressed as zombies gathered in Kalamazoo’s Arcadia Festival Site on October 20, 2012. (photo by Tk Ghiloni)

By Jamie Probst

Arcadia Creek Festival Place in downtown Kalamazoo became a quarantine zone Saturday, October 20 when event organizer Osha Kelly raised the dead for the Zombie Festival to put Kalamazoo in the Guinness Book of World Records for Most Zombies Gathered.

Over 3,000 individuals wearing zombie makeup assembled at the event but missed the mark by 107 bodies, causing the Asbury Park, N.J. turnout of 4,093 people on Oct. 30, 2010 to remain the current record.

Throughout the event, Kalamazoo classic rock band Plastic Fantastic kept spirits high with their performance which included the premier of their song “Zombie Walk” written specially for the occasion.

Festival goers also amused themselves by visiting vendors such as All Stirred Up! who sold Halloween treats and learning their blood types from the Greater Kalamazoo Area Red Cross.

Kalamazoo Loaves and Fishes benefited from the event, receiving 1,100 lbs. of food donations and $290 from the commemorative t-shirt sales through Palm Tees Mobile T-shirt Printing.

The Zombie Festival took three months to plan and organize with the help of 18 volunteers but Kelly gave no hint of this hard work at the close of the festival: “See you next year!”

Check out the YBOT flicker stream on the sidebar for more pictures!


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